Grace Manor


Open since February 2002, Grace Manor is Supportive Living Level 4 accommodation dedicated to providing evidence-based individualized care to adults living with a mental health diagnosis.

To inquire about residing with us please call (780) 454-5484.


Spiritual enhancement promotes the spiritual well-being of the residents and staff and provides opportunities for religious and spiritual growth and expression.

  • Daily Interdenominational Chapel service

  • Weekly Roman Catholic Communion service

  • Monthly Protestant Communion service

  • Weekly hymn sing

  • Personal visitation and counselling


Physical activities maintain or improve functional abilities and enhance well-being by facilitating physical independence.

  • Exercise class

  • Physical based games

  • Walking club


Social relationships facilitate opportunities for communication and human interaction, increase self-esteem, and decrease depression and isolation.

  • Entertainment

  • Socials

  • Celebrations

  • Games


Emotional support allows the opportunity to connect with meaningful personal memories, enabling reflection, sharing and reminiscing of life’s events, stages, and experiences.

  • Pet Therapy

  • One-on-one visits

  • Intergenerational programs


Intellectual stimulation stimulates cognition, critical thinking, problem-solving skills and the ability to reason and communicate. It facilitates playing an active role as a member of a community.

  • Discussion groups

  • Current events and news

  • Resident Council

To inquire about residing with us please call (780) 454-5484.