Friendly Visitor

Are you a good listener and love to bring comfort through conversation? Do you enjoy chatting with a wide variety of people?

In this highly interactive volunteer role, you will make a real difference in someone’s life by providing friendly visitations and offer conversation and positive support to otherwise socially isolated individuals.

Key accountabilities include:
  • Conduct visits with persons who are isolated for a variety of reason such as physical illness or confinement

  • Be warm, courteous and approachable

  • Make eye contact and be attentive

  • Provide friendly visitation and chats

  • May be asked to pray or reflect with the client

  • Provide a positive and reassuring outlook

  • Initiate conversations with residents/program participants on a variety of topics while maintaining professional boundaries and strict confidentiality

  • Be observant about resident/program participant behaviours (i.e. cues as to continue or end conversations and/or visit)