The Transformations Addictions Recovery Program is a 4 and a half month inpatient holistic, abstinence-based program patterned on the Minnesota Treatment Model (12-Step) that uses module based learning, group counselling, and individual counselling.  The program is held at our Addictions and Residential Center in Edmonton, Alberta.  The Salvation Army has a spiritual component to the program where spiritual counselling & resources will be utilized. Community involvement, service, and some life skills training are included in the program.


Men, aged 18 or older, whose primary addiction is to alcohol and/or drugs, are eligible. Clients must have completed detox before entering the facility and must be physically and mentally stable. All applicants must complete an application form which includes a recent physical followed by a personal interview. 

Daily fees include accommodation, meals, and program costs.  Clients who require funding assistance for ‘living essentials’ will be directed to funding agencies for support.

Application Process

.Contact the Transformations Intake Facilitator and request an application package, or find the link below. Complete and return the intake application to the Intake Facilitator and an interview will be arranged. All documentation and the interview will be required to be completed before acceptance into the program.  If accepted into the program an admission date will be given to you. During the initial days of the program you will be provided with an orientation and be required to participate in various assessments.  The program is an intensive 4 and a half months. You will not be permitted to work. Random drug and alcohol screening will be done. Continued participation in the program is subject to adherence to the rules of the program and abstinence.

Program Principles

Care is holistic, involving care for the body, mind, and relationships with spirituality as the centre.

Community: healing is possible through relationships

Change is possible. It comes from within. Capacity for change is part of the image of God.

Hope is a catalyst, giving energy for change

Our Commitment

We are committed to respect in all aspects of our ministry – with clients, with fellow workers and with the community at large. We respect differences among people and the right of every individual and community to make choices and decisions based on unique individual beliefs and community norms. As a result, we expect individuals in the recovery process to self-determine their own choices concerning their recovery. We will respect their dignity and individuality, recognize their merit, and provide conditions for services, work and worship that are safe and clean.

Healthy Living / Giving Back

Recreation and healthy living are necessary elements of recovery.  Physical exercise is encouraged and recreational activities are planned each week.

Clients build self-esteem by giving back to the community through facility upkeep, daily chores, summer camp improvements, and assisting other community agencies.

Intake Package:                                                                     




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