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Grace Manor

Open since 2002, Grace Manor is Supportive Living Level 4 accommodation dedicated to providing evidence-based individualized care to adults living with a mental health diagnosis.

Grace Manor Courtyard

What is it?

Grace Manor provides Supportive Living Level 4 accommodation to adults living with a mental health diagnosis. 

Resident Care Plans are designed according to individual biopsychosocial needs and personal preferences.

What is the housing setup?

Each resident has a private room with its own window and private bathroom.

Meals and snacks are provided, laundry services are on site, and the building is single-level so there are no stairs.

Medical Administration Program levels 1, 2 & 3 are provided as well as 24/7 nursing care.

Please contact us to inquire about current accommodation rates.

Click on the tabs below to see examples of program components for each category.

Sample Program Components

  • Daily Interdenominational Chapel service

  • Weekly Roman Catholic Communion service

  • Monthly Protestant Communion service

  • Weekly hymn sing

  • Personal visitation and counselling

What is the program?

Grace Manor provides services and programs to foster healthy living across the following domains:


Spiritual enhancement promotes the spiritual well-being of the residents and staff, and provides opportunities for religious and spiritual growth and expression.


Physical activities maintain or improve functional abilities and enhance well-being by facilitating physical independence.


Social relationships facilitate opportunities for communication and human interaction, increase self-esteem, and decrease depression and isolation.


Emotional support allows the opportunity to connect with meaningful personal memories, enabling reflection, sharing and reminiscing of life’s events, stages, and experiences.


Intellectual stimulation stimulates cognition, critical thinking, problem-solving skills and the ability to reason and communicate. It facilitates playing an active role as a member of a community.

How do I apply?

To inquire about residing with us, contact us at:

(780) 454-5484  |

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