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Transitional Housing Program

The Transitional Housing Program provides safe, inclusive, accessible transitional (temporary) housing for adults of all genders.

Grace Village

What is it?

The Transitional Housing Program provides safe, inclusive, accessible transitional (temporary) housing for adults of all genders (18+). We work intensely together with all participants to create a personalized transition plan and to provide them with opportunities to practice those skills in a practical way. Rooms and meals are available at subsidized rates.

We accept referrals from Social Workers, Public and Mental Health professionals, Public Trustees, Correctional Services, AISH, all faith groups and self-referrals.

Program Expectations

Participants must be present in the facility for an intake assessment for official acceptance to the program.

Individuals with physical and/or mental health deficits must be able to live independently at low risk with minimal internal or external assistance.

We require proof of identification (government-issued photo).

Program participants must be willing to accept and follow program policies and sign the Service Agreement. This includes a willingness to:

  • Not use alcohol or illegal/illicit substances within the Centre, and not be intoxicated in or on the premises

  • Manage all medications and/or prescriptions independently without assistance

  • Agree that the Salvation Army's designated pharmacy will be utilized to fill all prescriptions while in the program

  • Understand and accept that specialized diets cannot be accommodated

  • Agree to store all belongings in the storage provided

  • Actively participate in engaging with the program and their transition plan

Program participants must be financially capable of paying for the accommodation fees and must keep their account current (paid up-to-date).

Locations Available

  • Transitional Housing: Grace Village

Located in Castle Downs​

Call (780) 244-2962 for more information.

  • Transitional Housing: Downtown (Opened Aug 1)

Located downtown

Call (587) 635-4486 for more information.


What is the housing setup?

Accommodation is community-style living, equipped with private rooms with shared, single-occupant bathroom/shower facilities, at a subsidized rate of $17 per day.

The following services are included in the accommodation fees:

  • Weekly fresh linen changes

  • Weekly room cleaning

  • Free access to washers/dryers

  • TV Lounges

  • Free computer access

  • Exercise room

  • Spiritual space

  • Regular programming/activities available

  • All meals

What is the program?

Transitional Housing Goals & Objectives

  • To provide safe, dignified and stable housing, and collaborate with residents to help them transition back into community

  • To support residents in meeting their holistic needs and goals

  • To empower residents to feel control over their living situation, exercise independence in decision-making, and engage with their communities

  • To work with residents to develop housing stability skills to maintain long-term, appropriate housing

  • To connect residents with community-based resources for specialized support

Our staff include:

  • 24-hour Front Line Support Staff

  • Transitional Specialists

  • Client Care/Service Support Staff

  • Chaplains

  • On-site Nurse

  • Management Team

Assistance includes but is not limited to:

  • Transition planning

  • Housing searches

  • Employment support

  • Social services

  • Emotional and spiritual support where required

How do I apply?

For more information,

call, email, or download an application.

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