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Stabilization Housing Program

The Stabilization Housing Program offers rapid, short-term stabilizing housing for adults of all genders.

Grace Village
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What is it?

Stabilization is a community-style transitional housing program for adults who are presently experiencing a substance dependence/use disorder, but are not currently intoxicated and not requiring detoxification services. They are seeking care for their substance use and may be awaiting or in between services on the treatment/recovery continuum. They require rapid, short-term stabilizing housing that includes support in order to move towards their next step on the recovery continuum.

Program Expectations

The Stabilization Housing Program requires active and engaged participation. Participants are expected to:

  • Abstain from all substances for the duration of the program. Smoking cessation is encouraged.

  • Take responsibility for their own journey and work collaboratively with staff to build a self-determined recovery plan.

  • Hand in a weekly calendar, outlining their meetings, appointments and goals for the upcoming week.

  • Participate in all Stabilization groups and check-ins (morning and evening), as well as groups and psychoeducation as they are available.

  • Connect with community supports.

  • Meet regularly with Stabilization staff to discuss their recovery goals and post-stabilization planning.

  • Adhere to the 11pm curfew.

Participants will be discharged if:

  • They are no longer participating or working on their recovery

  • They display any form of harassing, threatening or abusive behaviour

How does it work?

  • There are 24 residential beds available. Rooms are private, with shared, single-occupant shower/bathroom facilities.

  • Program length ranges, depending on a participant's recovery goals and progress.

  • 24-hour support is provided by program staff.

  • Limited nursing support is available for medication and medical concerns.

  • Psychiatric consults and assessments are available by physician referral.

  • All meals are provided.

  • Bedding and towels are supplied. Participants are not permitted to bring their own bedding.

  • Participants share a common living area, TV lounge and dining room.

How do I apply?

A Referral Form is required for admission.

For more information,

call, email, or download a Referral Form and an application.

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