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Community Kitchen

The Cornerstone Community Kitchen Program is a 12-week program that teaches nutrition education and develops cooking skills.

This is currently open to ECOH program and community participants.

Cooking Class


Nutrition Education

Nutrition Education



Low-Cost Recipes

Low-Cost Recipes

Recovery Aid

Recovery Aid



What is it?

This is a kitchen-based program designed to empower you to develop your skills and build social connections. It has the potential to be the springboard for you to gain skills on how to cook, foster awareness of how eating behaviours can create a positive impact, as well as reduce barriers in recovery.

Fostering marketable skills will provide you with confidence and make you valuable to potential employers. The skills you build in this course are in high demand in the job market.

This 12-week program includes the following components:

  • Certification: Gain food handlers certification

  • Nutrition Education: Gain nutrition education to empower you to heal and nourish your body​

  • Confidence: Gain confidence in the kitchen and develop your cooking skills and abilities​

  • Low-Cost Recipes: Learn how to make low-cost but highly nutritional recipes​

  • Recovery Aid: Develop an important tool to aid in your success of achieving long-term recovery​

  • Leftovers: Leftovers can be taken home​

Program Outline


  • Free of charge with completion of the Program

  • Access to computers to complete Food Handler Certification

  • Supported by staff to complete within 30 days

  • Online, therefore can be finished on own time


  • Education element on nutrition in recovery

  • Class size of 7 participants & 2 staff

  • 12 weeks of Kitchen Sessions

  • Building on skills and knowledge from Food Handler Certification

  • Trying new skills

  • Take home leftovers


  • Receive the Food Handler Certificate

  • Showcase new culinary skills

  • Celebrate success

Admission Criteria

  • Current participant with the Edmonton Centre of Hope (ECOH)

  • Able to commute to kitchen offsite

  • $20 deposit, refunded on completion of the program

  • Ability to participate in all aspects of the program

Admission Process

To begin, you will complete an assessment that will help determine your skill level. Then you will be offered a spot in one of the Community Kitchen sessions.

This program is accessible for all skills and knowledge levels!

How do I sign up?

Please contact the Cornerstone staff for an application and the skills assessment forms.

They will contact you for a pre-screen interview once you have completed and submitted them.

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