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Cornerstone Program

The Cornerstone Program offers safe, sober housing for recovery and wellness for adult females/identify-as-females.


What is it?

Cornerstone is safe, sober housing for recovery and wellness. We provide an inclusive environment that shares the love of Christ with each resident and treats them with respect and dignity. Residents live independently and are a mutually-supportive group dedicated to their own personal growth in wellness and recovery.

Who is it for?

Adult females/identify-as-females who have already completed an addictions treatment program and/or have not used any alcohol or illegal/illicit substances in the past three (3) months. Participants must be willing to follow program rules and sign the Service Agreement, which includes but is not limited to:

  • Abstain from alcohol or illegal/illicit substance use

  • Be able to safely manage two flights of stairs

  • Have no overnight guests

  • Attend mandatory meetings and events as scheduled

  • Be willing to share accommodations

  • Complete assigned weekly building chores (indoors and outdoors)


Residential Addiction Treatment Services Licence

What is the housing setup?

The apartments are partially furnished and fully self-contained. They may be shared with other residents, where capacity allows.

What is the program?

Cornerstone uses the WINGS Program, which teaches life skills. It provides a holistic educational experience that develops a comprehensive set of skills in order to better handle life's challenges. The program is designed to build resources that enable participants to make healthier choices when coping with stress and adversity. This is done by developing behaviours, routines, and activities that nurture all aspects of health and wellness.

How do I apply?

For more information,

call, email, or download an application.

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